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Elmarath Studio

Game and Game Tools Development

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Denizhan Toprak


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Ability Queue System (AQS)

Extension Of Gameplay Ability System from Epic. This system uses queue to activate abilities accourding to the priority of ability phase priorities. Allowing developers to create queueable abilities with ease.


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Nested Inventory Architecture (NIA)

Allow players to have intuitive and easy to use inventory systems! By allowing you to create customizable, nested, section based, object oriented architecture.


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Modular Action System (MAS)

A solution for creating action systems. Data driven, modular, and easy to use and edit. Network ready, and can be used for any type of game uses animation.


Unreal Marketplace

Creating Unreal Engine Marketplace plug-ins with modularity in mind. For making games easier!

Hermod's Ride

A topdown arena medieval slasher game currently in development.


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