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About Nested Inventory Architecture

Nested Inventory Architecture (abbreviated as NIA) will allow your players to create and interact with inventories intuitively and easily with the help of Nested Inventory, Object Based, Section Based approach with customizable architecture!

Access the test build: Here

Video Showcase:


NIA -as the name suggests- is an architecture, it allows you to build your inventory based on a well designed structre and it doesn't restrict the way you edit them. There are already defined some basic functions such as: Add, TransformSlots, Discard, SetSlot" etc. But you can override them, or create new editing methods from scratch!

This System Gives You:

  • Nested Inventory System will allow items to hold other inventories! Backpacks within packpacks, weapon attachments inside weapons... Everything is possible!

  • Object Based Architecture makes possible to make use of inheritance for primitive item types and hold runtime variables for items. Everything an object can do.

  • Data Asset Use For Base Info allows items to hold customized variables types per class with the help of inheritance and many other advantages of using data assets.

  • Sections as GameplayTags used for Inventories that hold sections with different types. Allowing item transform in a much more intuitive manner. Allowing logics like: If item tag and section tag matches etc.

  • Customizable Inventory Editing is always available by overriding the related methods or create new ones for your project, Blueprints or C++!